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Villa Mazourka-Bike friendly hotel


Villa Mazourka is the only certified bike hotel on Ithaca island (i.e Bike hotels information). Bike hotels stand out for their commitment to environmental protection, the high quality of their services and their dedication to serving the tourist-cyclist. The network’s member hotels meet a minimum number of criteria, based on international standards, and focus their efforts to make the cyclist-tourist’s stay as comfortable as possible.

The residence provides a safe parking place for your bike as well as a number of bike services so stress-free you exercise and discover the unique landscapes of Ithaki island by cycling.

A network of cycling routes in Ithaca, short and long, designed to satisfy every cyclist, enable Villa’s Mazourka visitors to get to know the island of Ithaca and let themselves in the blue-green changes of nature.

Villa Mazourka-hiking


You can enjoy your walks in unparalleled contact with nature, crossing the beautiful paths of the area, which will lead you to places of unrepeatable beauty, against the background of Ithaca’s endless blue.

Choose a different trail each time to see and discover Ithaca’s nature and learn about the local life while enjoying a breathtaking view from above.

You can also explore hidden trails and discover the unique culture and history of this incredible island and experience the authentic Ithaca island.

The green landscapes of the hiking routes combined with the enchanting blue of the Ithaca’s beaches are able to offer you an unforgettable combination of colors and sensations. (i.e Ithaca’s trails).

Villa Mazourka-excursions


Ithaca can seduce you.

Indulge into an island tour, discovering the enchanting destinations of Ithaca island, starting from Stavros village.

If you are interested in a one-day island cruise  or you’re looking forward to explore Ithaca deeper (villages, churchs, beaches, sightseeing), Villa Mazourka is a great starting point for your tour. 

Villa Mazourka-sea adventures


A trip to hidden harbors and beaches with rental boats is always a unique experience. More, there are a number of sea activities you can try (sea kayak, scuba diving etc).

There are several both boat renting and adventure companies in Ithaca, where you can rent a boat and explore the island’s hidden gems or organise your next adventure.


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